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Male Voice Actors

Companies that use male voice actors for their advertising come to ProVoice. They know the value of finding someone who can consistently deliver a product that is as good as their advertised service. ProVoice is extremely selective about who they offer on their voice talent roster. All of the talent has been tested numerous times before being added to the ProVoice site and can consistently deliver the quality that you hear on ProVoice online demos.
Sometimes it takes a strong male voice to sell a product or idea. ProVoice provides exceptional male voice actors for on hold messages and voiceovers. Their service is easy to use, affordable and of the highest quality. ProVoice only uses male voice actors with a proven record of knowing how to read a script correctly. When you use for your professional voice overs and audio production needs, you will get a high quality read, performed by skilled announcers using high quality voice over equipment. You can count on consistency and quality with ProVoice.
No one offers better quality at such affordable prices. Often, customers who shop around for better quality in male voice actors come back to ProVoice for their recording needs. Professional voice over rates are extremely competitive on ProVoice, and they work hard to keep their rates as low as possible while still being able to provide the best male voice actors and talent for your money. One order is all it will take to make you a believer. Rates for voice overs are as follows:
- :10 for $30
- :30 for $40
- :60 for $50
Rates for recordings from male voice actors are not only affordable, but with no hidden fees, ever. Unlike other online voice talent companies, ProVoice doesn’t charge for basic editing and 'studio' or 'session' fees. The fee you pay is for the voice over, studio time, editing, etc. Once the voice talent sends back the audio file, ProVoice take out the breaths, make sure it's error free and within the time limit needed. The only additional fees are based on how much more production is wanted, such as music and effects.
Many clients add music to the background of voiceovers from male voice actors for a more professional touch. Rates for adding music are $15 per minute/per file. ProVoice will also supply you with the 'dry' version if you choose the 'music' option. ProVoice provides professional male voice over talent geared toward their clients getting the most value for their advertising dollar. 
ProVoice can help to keep costs down for companies that use longer recordings. If your company requires a lengthy service- typically 5 minutes or longer- please email ProVoice at or call 855-95-Voice, and if the price is out of your budget they will try to work with the male voice actors to save you money. 
Contact the company that simply provides the very best male voice actors. Visit today to listen to actual demos of work provided by their talent.
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